We're on our way!!

Today, we went for my morning ultrasound/blood work appointment. I have 25 good-sized follicles (size 16+) and most likely more. Some might be masked by others, so the nurse thinks I have more than 25. My estrogen level is 4000. When Jerry heard that, he said, "Oh @#$%&!" With my first IVF, I hypertimmed with an estrogen level of 3808. My nurse said that she voiced her concerns to the doctor, and the doctor assures her that he's doing the Lupron trigger instead of the hCG trigger (that was used with my 1st IVF). This doctor said that he's never had a case of hyperstim using Lupron as the trigger. Anyway, I will take 75u of Follistim tonight.

Also this morning, we had to pay $1000 to thaw the frozen embryos (3 boys & 2 girls) from our first IVF, so that they can be re-tested. Remember that Jerry has a Robertsonian Translocation of chromosomes 13 and 15. The Pensacola fertility doctor only checked for 13 in the embryos and neglected the 15. So that means that what he deemed normal, may not be. With our first IVF, we had 17 embryos that were checked. As the Pensacola fertility doctor only checked for 13, that means that whatever he deemed normal, only half of that, at most would be considered normal. So according to him, we had 8 out of 17 that he deemed normal. In reality, at most, only 4 out of the 17 would be normal. So that's why we're having them checked again. My new fertility doctor doesn't have much hope in these frozen embryos due to the fact that the freezing process that was used was "old school." And if by some miracle that these frozen embryos make it through the thaw, they all might be abnormal being that the Pensacola fertility doctor didn't completely check for the translocations. Yes, I'm bitter that he did this to us. How unethical.

Well, I don't want to dwell on that now. I'm just glad that I found a better doctor, but then anyone else would be better than the Pensacola one. My new ferility doctor is great. http://www.colocrm.com/ Also, if you are thinking about going through fertility treatments, I suggest that you look up that doctor on the CDC web site. http://apps.nccd.cdc.gov/ART2005/clinics05.asp I just wish that I had done that in the first place. But you live and learn, right?

Here's the CDC stats for the Pensacola fertility doctor:

Here's the CDC stats for the Denver fertility doctor:

What a difference!!

Anyway...The shot count will be 30 after I get my Follistim injection this evening.

I will have another ultrasound/blood work appointment tomorrow morning at 8am. I am not to take any medications until I hear back from the nurse. I might be triggering tomorrow evening or Saturday. And the egg retrieval surgery would be either Sunday or Monday.

We're on our way! I'm so excited. I'm not feeling any of the bloatedness that I felt with my first IVF. (What a world of difference between a nationally known fertility doctor and my first fertility doctor.) I've just been getting very tired, and the nurse said it's probably due to the hormones and possibly also the altitude.

Jerry and I went to lunch today at P.F. Chang's - a Chinese bistro type restaurant. There is one in Destin also. It's really yummy. We ordered shrimp dumplings (steamed), hot & sour soup, wonton soup, beef lo mein, and beef fried rice. It seems like a lot for just two people, but our eyes have been bigger than our stomaches lately. At least we have leftovers for tonight. We're going to celebrate wtih a fancy dinner at Elway's (the restaurant that's off the lobby area of our hotel) on my trigger night. So I'm looking forward to that, as well as getting my trigger shot.

So as of now, all is good here in Denver!

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