Still waiting...

This morning, I went in for my ultrasound appointment. Let me tell you, 8am comes really early to someone who's definitely not a morning person. My estrogen level is 4557. The doctor doesn't seem to be all too much concerned about the level. I am what's called in the "coasting" mode, meaning that I will not be taking anymore Menopur in the mornings. He doesn't want my estrogen level to get too much higher; he just wants the smaller follicles to catch up to the bigger ones.

We had to go to Todd's Pharmacy this afternoon to get another syringe of Cetrotide. Cetrotide is the medicine that will keep me from ovulating. Because I normally take the Cetrotide injection at 4:30pm, and we didn't get to Todd's Pharmacy until 4pm, Jerry had to give me the injection in the Yukon right there in the pharmacy parking lot!!! How crazy is that? So after we left the pharmacy, I hopped into the middle row of the Yukon (luckily we have a big SUV). Mixed the medication. And Jerry gave me the injection in my belly. The whole process took like 5 minutes, but it was weird because people were just outside the car. After the injection, we laughed about it and made jokes. It's a good thing that we are still able to laugh throughout this whole stressful process. I called my sister Sofia and told her. She told me that we're going to get arrested one day because the cops would probably think that we're doing drugs. Ha!

Anyway... after Jerry gave me the injection, we went to Cherry Creek mall. It's supposed to be a high-end mall with Nordstroms and such. We walked around there for a little while and saw Sbarro's. Yummy! After dinner, we walked around the mall.

Tonight, I have to get the Follistim injection. Let me tell you...Todd's Pharmacy is making a killin'! He's a little bit more expensive; he knows he has the corner on the market here, as all of the infertility patients go to him to get their meds day by day. I usually get my fertility meds from Schraft's Pharmacy (online), but since we're basically taking things day-by-day, we're having to make a trek to Todd's Pharmacy every afternoon now.

Hopefully, I'll trigger tomorrow evening. I'm ready to go home already!

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