No words

Last night, we received the most heartfelt phone call; and it was from Jerry's boss' wife, Soo. She is extremely nice, one of those people that anyone would be blessed to know. Soo called last night after Jerry sent an email to his boss and told him the news. They've been one of the people giving us support from the beginning. The phone call started like a regular phone call, and then towards the end of the conversation I heard Jerry get choked up a little. I asked Jerry what she said and he told me, "Now why can't we get support from our parents like that?" I told him that my mom is just an overprotective mother hen, and that she never filters what she says. What she's thinking is what comes out of her mouth, even if it's way hurtful. Jerry's mom, on the other hand, well.. I don't know. We haven't heard from her; she rarely calls us anyway. There's never an in-between of the two extremes.

Anyway... back to what Soo said on the phone. She told Jerry that we're really special to her; she even calls us family. And then she told Jerry to be there for me, be strong. She also told Jerry that she is really proud of me and wished that I was her daughter. She even wished that she could pop one out and give the baby to us. And all through the conversations, Jerry told me that she was crying. But that's not what choked him up. What choked him up was what she said.

Seriously, how does one move on from this? In the back of my mind, I know that we have 2 frozen embryos. That's potentially two children. But how can I get my heart to stop hurting so bad to even think about going on?

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