Getting antsy

Ok. So yesterday I had that rant. More will be coming, I'm sure.

Last night, we spent like 2 hours chatting with a couple of people we had met at the Club lounge. Apparently, they just adore dogs so Buttercup got a lot of attention (as if she never got any lovin' from us). The subject of alcohol came up. We told them that we didn't like the taste nor the smell of alcohol. We even told them that we tasted everything from red wine, white wine, champaigne, etc. Then one of the guys asked if we tried a drink called Baileys. We told him no, so he got the concierge to get us one. Jerry took a swig of it - nobody told him that he was only supposed to sip it - and started coughing. It was so funny. Then the guy said that it's meant to be sipped. It turns out that Jerry liked it. I smelled of it, and it smelled yummy. Because I'm taking all these meds, I didn't take any. It was those gentlemen's last night here, so Jerry exchanged business cards with them and bid them a safe trip home to Sante Fe, NM.

I went for my ultrasound/blood this morning, and the nurse called me with the results. Apparently, I'm just a slow egg grower. I have lots of them though. Maybe the reason they're slow growers is because since I have so many the resources have to be divided out. I don't know. Anyway... my hormone levels are perfect according to my nurse. My estrogen is 986. At this time when I was with the local fertility doctor, my level was 3500. Big difference! I have to take 150u of Follistim tonight. Tomorrow morning, continue with 2 amps of Menopur. Tomorrow evening, 150u of Follistim. On Thursday, I don't take any Menopur. I will go in for the ultrasound/blood and then the nurse will call me with further instructions.

So it looks like my doctor is winding me down, so that means egg retrieval is just a few days away (possibly as early as Friday). So in total, I've had 24 injections, not including tonight's Follistim injection. My belly area is bruised up, even more so than with my 1st IVF. I guess Jerry has no problem finding my veins.

We had to make a trek back out to Todd's Pharmacy during rush hour this evening. The traffic here in Denver is somewhat better than in Pensacola. At least here, the traffic moves right along - just a lot of cars. In Pensacola, traffic seems to stand still, especially getting off at Davis Hwy. Anyway... We were going to go out to dinner near the Park Meadows Mall area (really nice part of town) but we forgot to bring the cooler. My meds have to stay cold, so we had to come back to the hotel. We'll probably just order room service tonight. He really likes the bison burger, so he'll probably get that. As for me, I wouldn't mind another grilled cheese sandwich.

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