So I'm 4 days past a 5 day transfer today. Implantation, if it were going to occur, should've already happened. I'm hoping and praying that our 2 embryos have settled in nicely and will stay there for the next 9 months. I so want to do a hpt (home pregnancy test), but I know it's too early now. I belong to an IVF board, and the ladies there have gotten positive hpt's as early as 5dpt (5 days past transfer). That would be tomorrow for me. I've tried talking Jerry into doing a hpt tomorrow morning before we leave, but he refuses. He says what if it's negative, we'd be depressed all the way home. And it could be a false negative, so we'd be depressed for nothing. But I'm so anxious.

I know I'm impatient - but you have to understand - I've been waiting almost 15 years!!

I'm not having any of the "symptoms" (period-like cramping) I had with my last 2 embryo transfers although they were done in Pensacola and those cycles were the frozen embryo cycles with unexpanded embryos. So those symptoms don't count in my book.

I am usually not a nap person, but ever since Saturday I've taken naps every day around 2pm for like an hour or so. Also, I've been feeling a bit dizzy at times. Are those pregnancy symptoms or just the side effects of the progesterone suppositories and the estrogen patches and pills? I'm not having period-like cramping although the nurse did tell me that some women do experience that. I guess right now, I'm just looking for ANY symptom.

I told Jerry that I want to do a hpt this Saturday, but he's still hesitant. We'll see. I've been told by the other women on the IVF boards that First Response is the most sensitive, so that's the one I'm going to use.

Jerry said that he's so not looking forward to going home only because of the weather there in Pensacola. He said that he may just put a FORE SALE sign on the front lawn after he mows it Saturday. I joked around with him saying that if he doesn't stroke out first. He's gotten so used to the weather here, and acts so shocked when the people here say it's so hot. He said he'd take this kind of hot over Pensacola hot anyday. He's not the only one. I totally love the weather here as well. Plus there are so many things to do here. I'll post about that in another blog. But right now, I am obsessing about whether or not I'm pregnant or not.

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Cherylyn said...

Don't stress over it too much. Just relax (I know that must be really hard in your situation) stress isn't good for babies. I'm sending good thoughts your way!! Have a safe trip home.