We're here! (in Denver that is)

Boy was it a long, exhausting trip! We left Pensacola right after Jerry gave me the Menopur injection. Ok, it wasn't right after; it was more like an hour later. It was so hard for me to leave our cats. I had to give them one last hug. So after an hour of last hugs, we were out the door. As soon as we got out of our driveway, I was homesick. I've come to realize that I'm a home-body. I don't like leaving our home. I don't like traveling. If it weren't for our desperation of wanting a baby, we probably would never leave home.

We arrived in Dallas, the half-way point, about 10 hours later. We checked into the hotel, and Buttercup got all the attention. Of course, I dressed her up in her pink dress and her hair tied up in a pink bow to match.

We left Dallas an hour later than what we wanted. Jerry had to do a few things for his work. I was getting really nervous about the time because we knew it would take at least 12 hours to drive from Dallas to Denver. I didn't want to get my evening shot in the car at some rest area in the dark. But Jerry got us to Denver in time. All we saw was farmland from Oklahoma through Kansas and the eastern part of Colorado. Let me tell you, Jerry drove the Yukon like he drives his TransAm.

The first thing that we did when we got in our room was to take Buttercup potty. She had been holding it for the whole trip, even though we tried to get her to go potty on her wee-wee pad that we had put in the backseat of the car. Then Jerry gave me my evening injection. After lying in bed for about 5 minutes, we went upstairs to the Club Level lounge, where they had all sorts of evening goodies. Then we went back to our room and went to bed.

Tuesday morning, I had an ultrasound and blood work done. The ultrasound showed 18 follicles, ranging in size from 6mm - 9mm plus lots of tiny, unmeasurable follicles. I was told that a nurse will call me later in the afternoon to give me directions as to how much medication to take in the evening. After the appointment, we needed to find a car wash to get all the bugs off the windshield and front of the SUV. We found a good car wash for like $15, near the clinic. Jerry and I were a bit antsy because we have never had anyone else wash our cars. Anyway, I am happy to report that our car is bug free! Then we made the trek to a nearby Target to get some supplies - Gatorade. I was told by Jerry's cousin's husband (a retired fertility doctor in Gulf Breeze) that Gatorade may help stave off hyperstimulation (if taken before egg retrieval). When I was going through my first IVF, our local fertility doctor told me to drink Gatorade AFTER the egg retrieval. Now I understand why I still hyperstimulated. He should've told me to drink it BEFORE egg retrieval. But anway... The only thing is that I absolutely detest Gatorade. Jerry's brother, Don, suggested that we try the grape flavor. Out of all the flavors, grape seems to make me less nauseated. So I've been trying to chug down 1 liter of Gatorade a day.

So that afternoon, I get the call from my nurse, who by the way is extremely nice and knowledgeable and caring. She told me to keep on my current dosage of medication. She added that I was to take 0.5mg of Dexamethasone right before bed. I forget what she said about the Dexamethasone. I'll ask her the next time I see her (which will be on July 3rd). So she called in a prescription for Dexamethasone to the Target Pharmacy near the clinic. So we brave the 6-lane highway after rush hour to get the medicine. The drive took us about 25 minutes crusing at 65mph. While we were there, we went shopping at a nearby mall called Park Meadows. Let me tell you, WOW. It makes Cordova look ghetto. We couldn't stay long, as we had to get back for my evening injection. On the way back, we got stopped at a train track. It's one of the scariest places to stop, I think. Just imagine. Under a highway bypass bridge, at night. No one around. Downtown. Dark. Ghetto. We were stopped for what seems like forever.

So we get back to the hotel just in time for my evening shot. Jerry had to do some work on the computer. I got on the computer for a little bit, just to check email and such. I took my pill right before bed. Luckily, we had brought some pretzels so I could take that with my pill.

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