Emotional day

This morning started off with Jerry giving me my Menopur injection. At my ultrasound/bloodwork appointment this morning, I didn't receive such great news. Apparently, my follicles have stalled - meaning that they haven't grown as much as they would've like to have seen. I still have the same number of follicles (about 20), but the sizes weren't as big as they would like. I have about 3 big follicles that she's afraid might start producing LH soon. That wouldn't be good because that means I would ovulate. Normally, we could potentially convert this cycle to an IUI (intra uterine insemination), but the problem is with the sperm. But since that isn't an option for us, I got really worried. She said that I may start the Cetrotide injections today. But she'll let me know after the results of the lab work. She doesn't know why I'm responding this slowly, given the fact that I hyperstimulated the last time. She said that I have great ovarian reserve, as evidenced by my AMH level of over 4. They normally like to see the AMH level above a 1, but having an AMH level as high as a 4 indicates that my ovaries still think they're in their early twenties. She said that I might be the type that responds better to Repronex instead of Menopur. She really doesn't know. But she said that she would talk with the doctor, that we might have to have a re-group meeting with him. Anyway, so we left the clinic kind of depressed. We were thinking the worst, that this whole cycle might get canceled. I was so sad, thinking that this is our last try - that if we got canceled, I'm not doing this again. First, we've already spent a small fortune (getting close to spending $100K on the infertility treatments). Second, I don't want to have to go through the shots and all the hormone manipulations again. It's not good for my body, and it's definitely not good for my mental health. There are so many emotions I'm feeling now, I can't even describe it.

So we get to the hotel feeling depressed. We planned on going to Mass, and we heard that the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is breath-taking. We didn't make it back in time for the 10:30am Mass, so we went to the 12:30pm Mass. Jerry didn't feel like driving, even for that one mile to the church, so he called the concierge to see if the Phantom Rolls Royce was available to take us. Unfortunately, Sunday is the driver's day off so we didn't get to ride in that. Maybe the Rolls will be available one day during the week when Jerry and I have to go somewhere. So we drove to the church and had to park on the street.

The church is beautiful! It is a huge church, with lots of stained glass windows. The altar was fit for a king.

After Mass, we both lit a candle. It was our first time lighting a candle at church. We've been meaning to do it at Nativity, but we keep forgetting. Today, it's like we were drawn to do that.

Not 10 minutes after Mass, the nurse called me. We had already had our car taken for valet parking when we had to turn right around and go back out to the clinic. She said that she talked with Dr. Schoolcraft and that he wasn't concerned just yet. My estrogen is 543 today, so that was increased by about two times from Friday. He upped my dosage of Follistim to 225u, and I'm having to take 2 vials of the Menopur tomorrow morning. I told her that I had only 1 vial of Menopur left, and that I didn't have enough Follistim. So that's why we had to go back to the clinic this afternoon. They have emergency supplies for things like this. So she gave (after we gave her our credit card) 3 vials of Menopur and 300u of Follistim, just enough to tide us over until we can get to Todd's Pharmacy (a local fertility pharmacy) to pick them up. So guess where we're going tomorrow...

Anyway, Jerry gave me the Cetrotide injection. And I just received the Follistim injection, making it a total of 3 injections that I got today. So in total, I've had 19 injections (not that I'm counting or anything).

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