So the nurse called me this afternoon just like the embryologist said this morning. I really like it when someone says they'll do something, they actually do it. Anyway...

My embryo transfer date is set for this Saturday. I have to be at the clinic at noon for a 1pm embryo transfer. However, the nurse said that we may have a 2pm embryo transfer depending on if we have to wait for the genetic test results.

I am to take 1 Prometrium at 7am on Saturday. I can't wear any perfumes or lotions. I am supposed to have a partially full bladder, so I need to bring a bottled water. The nurse will tell me when to start drinking.

After the embryo transfer, I will have to be on complete bedrest until Monday, only going up to go potty. We are going to stay in Denver for a few more days just to make sure. So we won't leave here until Thursday. We will stay overnight in Dallas Thursday night. And then be in Pensacola Friday night. Yay!

I can't wait for the results of the genetic tests. Going by what the embryologist said today, we have a good solid 20 embryos to work with. It would be a bonus for us if the 3 embryos that are at 4 cells today start catching up. Because 65% of the sperm have the genetic defect, we're looking at roughly 33% of these embryos to be normal. So let's say we have 20 embryos. Roughly 7 of them should be normal. It'd be great if there are more, but by playing the odds and statistics we figured on 7. So when you think about it, I really needed to have that many eggs to begin with - just to compensate for the genetic defect. I've had people ask me why we needed so many eggs to begin with, and now you know why.


Cherylyn said...

so if you're on bedrest, can you still post blogs? Hope it all went well today! I understand if you can't blog though. I forgive you. haha

Sherrie said...

I'm glad this doctor & staff are more professional and that you are more comfortable this time around. I hope you are doing good Linda! Keep me posted when you get a chance.

Telle said...

I SOOOOO hope this works for you and Jerry! You are such a wonderful person and you so deserve to be a Mommy! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!