Happy Independence Day!

So last night, we got to see fireworks after the Colorado Rockies versus Florida Marlins baseball game at Coors Field. We didn't go to the game; however, we could see the stadium from our hotel window.

There's another game tonight, and I'm sure there will be fireworks as well.

Today, we drove around Lone Tree and Littleton. We really like the area. Everything is so brand new and all the stores are just right there near the interstate. We even drove through some nice neighborhoods. We found a neighborhood in our price range with a mountain view. Jerry got the papers for that. He wants to buy property here and then later on build. So sometime next week, we'll probably be talking with a realtor. He's still saying that he wants our children to grow up with 4 seasons. I grew up with 4 seasons, and it was fun, especially building snowman or having snowball fights. Jerry talked with my mom and I think he's convinced her to move if we move here. So we'll see what happens.

We're going hiking in Evergreen tomorrow. There's supposed to be a quaint little town, and we're going paddle boating around the lake too. Fun! The concierge at the hotel said that we have to try the famous Colorado pizza and the buffalo burger. Jerry wanted to try a bison burger tonight, but we got too tired to even order room service. However, he said that he wants to try as many new things as he can while we're here. And for those that know Jerry, it's something that he normally would not do. I guess he's expanding his pallet, which is a good thing. He always said that when we have children, he wants them exposed to all sorts of food so that they wouldn't turn out to be picky like himself. But he's been so open to trying different foods and even got away from having his steaks and burgers well-done. Now, he enjoys them medium rare (the way good, quality steaks are meant to be eaten).

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