Anxiety is on high gear now

This morning, I had to go to CCRM for a blood test. Then we had to go to the pharmacy to pick up the Estrace pills (which I will start after egg retrieval surgery tomorrow). After that, it was time for my second Luprong trigger shot. We were about 25 - 30 minutes away from the hotel, and good thing we thought ahead this morning and brought the Lupron in a cooler. So Jerry drove to a secluded place in the Target parking lot and gave me my injection. It seems like we're making it a habit of him giving me shots in the back of the Yukon. But luckily, this morning's Lupron trigger shot was my last injection! Yay!

Ugh. I'm nauseous. So what else is new. It must've been from the Lupron trigger shot. I've taken Lupron before, but it was like 20 units for 2 weeks. Since yesterday evening, I've had 160 units (two Lupron trigger shots, 80 units each time).

I'm getting really nervous about tomorrow morning. I already know that I don't fair too well with any kind of surgery, even though I've only had 2 - the first one was the egg retrieval in July 2006 and the second one was the gall bladder surgery in December 2006.

With the egg retrieval surgery, what was told to us would take 15 - 20 minutes actually took more like 40 minutes or so. Jerry and his sister Carol were in the waiting room at the Pensacola fertility clinic. After the surgery, I was brought to a "recovery" room, which was literally a couch in one of the ultrasound rooms. I don't know how long I laid there, but it wasn't long. I vaguely remember saying ow ow ow and then passing back out. Jerry and his sister felt like the doctor wanted me outta there ASAP, so that he could use that room for the next patient. Apparently, he schedules his egg retrieval surgeries one hour apart. Knowing that I had a lot of follicles to aspirate (34 total), he should've scheduled me last. I had to have help walking out of the clinic. I couldn't even walk upright; I was hunched over and had to lean on them for support. Jerry said that he looked in the waiting area, and I really scared the people waiting for their surgery. He could tell by the looks of their faces. Anyway, I was oblivious. All I felt was excrutiating pain. Anyway, when I got home and was helped out of the car and standing in the garage, I remember Carol holding my hair back so that I could vomit in the barf bucket that they gave us to take home. I will never forget Carol doing that for me, especially knowing how she feels about vomit. Carol stayed with me while Jerry went to the Albertsons to get some Campbells chicken noodle soup. Did I tell you that I have the best sister-in-law in the world? Anyway...

So I just got a call from the anesthesiologist. He asked me a few questions and told me what to expect. He said that he will go over it one more time tomorrow morning before surgery. But basically, I am not to eat or drink anything after midnight tonight.

I'm scared...

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