Fert Report - Day 1

Kristy, our embryologist this cycle, called me this morning to give me the fertization report. Out of the 34 eggs retrieved, 25 were mature, 22 fertilized via ICSI. She said that I will get another fert report on Day 3 - Tuesday. I am anxious to hear about the embryos' grades. I hope all of them make it to blast, so that they can be biopsied for CGH. I will be on pins and needles until I hear from her again.

In comparing this cycle with my last CCRM cycle back in July:

July cycle
E2 at trigger (Lupron) = 4577
E2 post trigger = 5742
Eggs retrieved = 30
Mature = 26
Fertilized via ICSI = 23
Day 3 biopsy
PGD/FISH for chromosomes 13 & 15 = 7 normal for 13:15
Transferred 2 embies (grades 5AA & 4AA) = BFN
One embie made it to freeze on Day 6

November cycle
E2 at trigger (hCG) = 3534
E2 post trigger = 3944
Egg retrieved = 34
Mature = 25
Fertilized via ICSI = 22
Blast biopsy
CGH = Results in about 8 weeks but may be sooner

Now compare it to my first IVF back in FL:
E2 at trigger (hCG) = 3808
E2 post trigger = Didn't measure
Eggs retrieved = 23
Mature = 20
Fertilized via ICSI = 18, but one died before biopsy
Day 3 biopsy
PGD/FISH for chromosome 13 only (should've tested 15 as well) = 8 normal for 13 only
Freeze all cycle due to severe OHSS


DAVs said...

Awesome fertilization report!
I hope you get tons of blasts to test and you get lots of normal embies for transfer!

Sue said...

Incredible report! You will have a ton of blasts to CGH and, I'm sure, a good number of healthy ones to transfer!!! Now, take it easy, have a good, healthy break while the embryos are tested!

Nikki said...

What a great fert report! Sending your embryos growth vibes!

We were told they could not do CGH for my DH's bt (his is on 11 and 22), so they would have to do the regular FISH analysis itself. I just hope I can get somewhere close to your kind of response!! :-)

Good luck!

Sky said...

OMG! That's AWESOME! Best of luck to you - for a healthy embryo and many many for later!


Christi said...

Awesome report!!! can't wait to hear the continued good news...

and boo to Florida IVF Clinics! I would LOVE to know what percentage of CCRM's out of towners are from Florida. I don't know a whole lot of people going to CCRM but they all seem to be from Ohio and Florida. hmmmmmmm ;)