4th Stim check on Halloween

I had my 4th stim check on Halloween, on my 9th day of stims. I have about 20+ follicles, 6 - 15 mm. My E2 was 464, LH was 0.97, P4 was 0.2. My nurse told me to continue on the 2 amps Menour, 300 iu Follistim, and Cetrotide until Sunday morning, when I go in for my 5th stim check at 7:15am. Yikes! For those of you who know me, I am so not a morning person.

I'm getting really nervous now. I don't feel like I'm producing enough eggs. Maybe it's the pressure I'm under to produce a lot of eggs. I looked at my July '08 cycle, and it seems like I'm having a similar response. Last time, they retrieved 30eggs. I'm hoping with all my might that I produce as many, if not more this time. The pressure that I'm feeling is immense. But I'm trying not to think about it, but the more I try not to think about it, the more I think about it. It's a vicious cycle.

On another note, our puppy (we still call her a puppy even though she's 7 years old), was the hit of the hotel last night. She is just too much for one costume, she had to have two!! The first costume is Buttercup as Snow White, and her second costume is Buttercup as a princess. Let's just say she got a lot of attention from the valet to the front desk check-in to the Club Lounge, even Elways here at the hotel. She was like a celebrity; everyone (the hotel guests and the people who work here) was whipping out their cameras and taking pictures of her. The LA Lakers are staying here at the hotel (they have a game against the Denver Nuggets tonight) and Buttercup got all the attention! How funny is that!


DAVs said...

Awww, what a cute doggie!
Try not to put so much pressure on yourself--I know, easier said than done--you're doing everything you can!

Hey--I'll be in for a 7:15 ultrasound appointment on Sunday so we should bump into each other! (they're checking for fluid).

Linda said...

I know, but I still feel like there is something else I could do. So much pressure to produce, ya know?

I hope to bump into you tomorrow! If I don't see you, good luck on your fluid check. I've had that done before - they just do an abdomenal ultrasound, so not that bad. :)

Lisa said...

Aww... SO CUTE!!! I wish I could bring my dog with me, but he can't fly anymore :( I'll miss him SOO much! I bet you love having yours there!

20+ follies is fabulous!!! I know there is always so much pressure for more, but don't forget, CCRM has the magic lab!! It'll happen. we have to beleive :)