First day of stims

This morning, I had my first stim shot (1amp Menopur)..Tonight, Follistim. We went through our regular ritual of getting ready for the shot. I didn't feel the prick of the needle, but I did feel the sting of the medicine half-way through. Afterward, I gave my ovaries a pep talk. Grow follies grow! I know it's silly, but I've been trying to will my ovaries to produce between 30 - 35 quality eggs. I need that much, especially with the translocation issue.

At my suppression check yesterday (after taking 25 days of BCPs), the ultrasound tech counted a few small follicles. On my right ovary, there were 9 measureable follicles ranging in sizes from 2.6mm to 5.8mm. And on my left ovary, there were 8 measureable follicles ranging in sizes from 3.6mm to 9.1mm. That's 17 follicles total. I didn't think that I would have any measureable follicles, as I just came off of BCPs. So, I asked my IVF nurse about my ultrasound and all the follicles, and she said that seems about right, as my antral follicle count (AFC) is around 35. And she said that my hormone levels were right where I'm supposed to be at this stage.

After taking my first stim shot, I swear I could feel something cookin' in my ovaries. I don't know if it's all in my mind or not. I'm just hoping and praying that I develop a lot of good, quality eggs. I guess I'll be worried about it until my first stim check this Sunday in Denver.

We're leaving tomorrow morning, right after my morning shot. Next update will probably be Sunday. Keep us in your prayers!


Lisa said...

I'm thinking about you and sending all kinds of positive follie growing vibes your way! Have a safe drive and can't wait for your next update.


DAVs said...

Good luck good luck good luck! That's a TON of "resting follicles" to start with. I know you need a lot and I'll be praying for big numbers for you. Safe travels, too!

Anniep said...

Happy safe travels!!! (just found your blog via Davs)
Enjoy your time out there, if you like good Italian food, I highly recommend Via Baci in front of the super target. Fab. pizzas, pastas and salads.
I have every amt of faith in saying you'll get Every Single egg in there, and they'll all be happy and mature *and* fertilize! No guarantees on the 'normal' part, but hey, that's what the CGH is for.
*hugs* to you, and good luck!!!!!