The meds have arrived!

This morning, I received my fertility meds via FedEx overnight. Gotta love the FedEx! It's like Christmas in June around here.

So Jerry and I opened the package and checked off the list of meds. Follistim Kit. Check. Cetrotide kit. Check. Menopur. Check. Prometrium. Check. Vivelle patches. Check. Medrol. Check. Tetracycline. Check. Various sizes of syrines, mixing needles, and injection needles. Check. And last but not least, biohazard waste container. Check. So it looks like everything's there.

The Follistim and Cetrotide have to be refridgerated, so I put them in plastic bags and placed them in the fridge. I put the other things in the cooler that we will be taking with us.

Jerry has to re-learn how to put together the Follistim injection kit. It's been two years exactly that he's last used the Follistim on me. He doesn't seem nervous though, so that's a good thing. He will have to learn how to put together the Cetrotide injections. The Menopur should be the same as the Repronex that I used for my first IVF. Menopur is just a more pure form of the ovarian stimulation drug.

I can't believe that yesterday was my last day of taking the birth control pills. Time goes by so quickly! It just seems like yesterday that I was just starting to take the pill. Jerry will give me my first injections this Saturday. Jerry will be giving me Menopur injections in the morning, at 7am to be precise. Then in the evening, he will give me the Follistim injections. The Menopur, I've heard, stings like the dickens. It's going to be long and drawn out because you have to go slowly while injecting the solution. I remember how the Repronex stung my belly two years ago. I'm not looking forward to that again. I didn't have much trouble with the Follistim. Short and quick.

On another note, we got the results from Shady Grove Genetics about Jerry's Robertsonian Translocation. You see, the new fertility doctor in Denver wants to make sure that Jerry does indeed have Robertsonian Translocation. It turns out that this local fertility doctor was correct in diagnosing it. Actually, he didn't diagnose it - he just sent out the blood to a lab and they diagnosed it. Anyway, 65% of Jerry's sperm has an unbalanced translocation. In other words, 65% of the sperm are duds. So at most we're working with 35% normals. Wow. That's depressing.

We are getting ready for our 3+ weeks trip to Denver. There are so many things I still have to do to get ready. We've never been away for so long, especially leaving our cats. Jerry's sister and her husband and their son have graciously offered to help us look after them while we're gone. Part of our hesitation in waiting this long to go to Denver is because of the animals. But I know they will be in good hands. I cannot thank them enough for doing us this huge favor.
God bless them!


Anonymous said...

Hey Linda! I haven't commented on ur blog b/c I have been so super busy with my little IVF kiddo! So, I just wanted to write you a quick note and tell you that we are praying for everything to go your way! I know what a long road it is and how emotional it gets. The meds are worth it in the end (you know that already though). Here's hoping to finally meet you maybe at your baby shower soon! ;0)~ Misty B.

Linda said...

Thank you so much!