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Ok. So I got my "schedule" for my 2nd and hopefully the last round of in vitro. I start the birth control pills tomorrow and continue taking them for 21 days. Then 5 days from the last last birth control pill, I start my stimulation shots. I will be on half the dosage of meds as my first IVF. So hopefully, I won't be a super egg producer like last time. I will have to start traveling to Denver on the 29th, so that I can be there by July 1st for my first ultrasound and blood work. Then I will have ultrasounds and blood work every day until the egg retrieval (egg harvesting surgery), which is tentatively scheduled for July 9th. Then the embryo transfer (putting the embryo in my uterus) will be on July 14th. We can start back home on the 16th. Then I wait 14 days to see if I'm pregnant.

So that's the logistics of it. Now come the emotions. I am TERRIFIED and EXCITED at the same time. I am terrified because of what happened to me the first time. I don't think I could survive another thing like that again. Seriously, that hurt so bad. Those that have given birth are probably thinking that I'm such a wuss. But let me tell you. The pain meds didn't even take the edge off. All it did was knock me out. And when I woke up, the pain was so excruciating that they had to knock me back out. After about 4 days of constant morphine drip in my IV (which they had to do a pic line because I was so dehydrated from throwing up due to the pain meds - see the vicious cycle?), they changed my med to dilauded. Even with the dilauded, I had to take anti-nausea meds (Zofran AND Reglan at the same time). The nurses at Baptist Hospital had never dealt with anyone who's hyperstimmed this bad before. My GYN was afraid that my ovaries would torse and she would have to do a hysterectomy. Thank God that didn't happen.

I'm excited because my new fertility doctor gave us a 65% chance of success. Just think. We could end up pregnant by the end of next month! Of course, I thought this same way when we did the first round of in vitro. So I'm trying not to get too overly excited. But sometimes I can't help myself. And because of the genetic testing, we will know the sex of the baby or babies right away... And I mean, RIGHT AWAY... on July 14th. How cool is that?

So stay tuned... :-)

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Telle said...

I sooo hope this works for you guys!!!! You totally deserve it! I will keep my fingers crossed!